Moriarty Aerials Training Courses with Tim Moriarty



Whether a first time drone user or a professional crew wanting
to learn new skills, Moriarty Aerials offers a wide range of training
support to suit your requirements. Moriarty Aerials also offers a
variety of school droning programs such as Drones 101, Aerial
Robotics Drone Racing, Drone for Film and Photography, Drone
Teacher Training
and the Drone Club Holiday Program.

Moriarty Aerials Aerial Photography


Capturing images from around Australia, our experienced and qualified team is able to capture your vision from all angles, day or night.

Moriarty Aerials Commercial Filmmaking


Moriarty Aerials has partnered with AMP, Sony, LG, SBS and NITV creating a diverse range of cinematographic material.

Moriarty Aerials Real Estate and Construction


Aerial imagery is a powerful marketing tool to capture your property and its surrounds, providing suburban context to your marketing strategy.

Providing work in progress imagery for your next development, is not only beneficial for your company’s timeline archives but also for your clients, as this documents your project in full working mode and provides insight into the result.

Moriarty Aerials Tourism Marketing


Capture your region, resort or hotel, providing your target market with a mix of stills and video content to book their next stay.

Moriarrty Aerials Sports Events with JMF and Socceroos Tim Cahill


Document your next event from a unique perspective, a impactful marketing tool to use on all your social channels.

Moriarrty Aerials Geospatial Mapping


Drones can provide very real benefits, providing accurate data, quickly and cost-effectively beneficial for forestry, asset management, environmental protection, agriculture & humanitarian.



Jesse McKay

Senior School Teacher - St Aloysius’ College

Tim and Glen were fantastic at captivating our students’ attention and offered a well-timed breakdown of different activities over the day. Their range of drone equipment was diverse, offering insight and experience for all scale levels of navigating and flying drones for students to explore. Their positive demeanour and genuine interest in what they do made the day an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you! 

Hugh McKay

Student - Hobart College Tasmania

I’ve been tutored by Tim Moriarty at Moriarty Aerials for the past 3 years. I’m totally inspired by his focus on how applied science can address cultural identity, and on the beauty and freedom of unmanned flight.

Heidi Beesley

Head of Outreach - Ascham School

Thank you very much for running programs and workshops at Ascham – the feedback was great and the children gained a great deal from their participation.

Paul Harkin

STEM Club - St Aloysius College

Moriarty Aerials have been a fantastic support for our College’s STEM program; running a highly professional 10-week drone racing program. Tim and Glen provide an amazing level of encouragement for the students making the program a hugely positive and fun learning experience for everyone involved.

Martin Pieris


I was heading overseas to film a documentary and needed to develop specific aerial skills, Tim was spot on!

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