Tim Moriarty | Moriarty Aerials

Tim Moriarty is an Australian designer, drone pilot and digital musician whose work blends platforms and genres. Tim’s highly creative work draws on his drone skills, digital work as a computer animator, and classical training as a musician.


Tim’s design and computer animation credits include work for AMP, Sony, LG, SBS, Google and NITV.

Didgeridoo performance credits include U2’s national Vertigo Tour of Australia, and flute and didgeridoo with the Pembroke Band in concert with James Morrison, Don Burrows, Tommy Emmanuel and James Galway.


Tim’s digital composition True North premiered at Dark Mofo, Hobart in June 2016. A work of performance art and musical installation, Tim was joined by pre-eminent Australian conductor Simon Kenway and highly awarded young London-based guitarist Andrey Lebedev.     


Tim has undertaken aerial film and photography for The University of Tasmania, Balarinji, The Nangala Project and Honke Bankyu Japan.


At fifteen months of age, Tim Moriarty was given his Aboriginal name Bundiyan by his father’s tribal uncle, Old Tim Rakuwurlma, a Yanyuwa Law man in Australia’s remote Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory.


Drawing on his genetics and memory of thirty years of regular visits back to the Gulf, much of Tim’s creative work channels the knowledge and philosophy of Aboriginal Australia. Tim uses the most advanced technology to create imagery through music, film and light.


Tim is professionally certified with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and has full accreditation in:


Remote Pilot Licence (OC)


Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC)


Night Flying Exemption


3NM Exemption


15M Exemption